What characterizes reggae music

This genre is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable of the Jamaican musical tradition, however, it is not the only one nor does it encompass all the wealth that the music of this country has to offer.

Reggae emerges as a variant to some genres of Jamaican music that were already quite entrenched before its appearance. However, reggae managed to establish itself as a separate genre, with characteristics that separate it from others and give it that touch that we all identify.

It is a matter of tempo

The tempo of reggae is one of the issues most characteristic of this genre: a large percentage of the songs of reggae are made using a metric 4/4, focusing largely on the pace of background. In a usual reggae song, the tempo is usually between 80 and 110 ppm, achieving a more relaxed atmosphere than conventional pop music songs.

First of all, idiosyncrasy

The reggae, being originally from Jamaica has a very own style in what refers to vocalization. The Jamaican accent is very marked in most reggae songs, and its lyrics usually reflect part of the culture of this country, sharing a prominent sense of animosity, the need for survival and struggle. Social issues are also frequently addressed in reggae music.

Reggae instrumentation

The foundations of this genre were based on instruments very similar to those of popular music from other countries of the continent: percussion, bass, and electric guitars and the keyboard was the basis of reggae. However, as a good cultural manifestation, reggae music has evolved and enriched itself, including in its repertoire the use of other instruments such as metal wind, and elements of Afro-Cuban percussion. However, the great presence of bass as one of the main aspects of the composition remains one of the most notable features of reggae.

Finally, the uses of staccatos generally on guitar or piano also give reggae a characteristic rhythm, in which many of its elements are “off-beat” and make it an easily recognizable genre, for those who know.

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