The best duets in Spanish. Songs with two voices

Remember me (Marc Anthony & Natalia Jiménez)

Natalia Jiménez, a singer of the fifth station, has one of the best women’s voices, a quality that is fully demonstrated in this exceptional duo with Marc Anthony, a reference among Latin American singers.

Give me a life back (Malú & Antonio Orozco)

Malú is one of the best specialists in Spanish music duos. In this case, together with singer and songwriter Antonio Orozco, they recorded a duo that triumphed and continues to enjoy themselves.

The bicycle (Carlos Vives & Shakira)

Two authentic phenomena of the Latin American and world music scene were collected by extension and recorded this bestseller, called The Bicycle, a duo sung and danced throughout the world.

And yet I love you (Olga Román & Joaquín Sabina)

The Spanish singer-songwriter, Joaquín Sabina, composed a delicious song that won even more when Sabina began to play two voices with the great Olga Román.

That’s why I sing to you – Melendi and La Hungaria

Although when Melendi started much thought that he was a hooligan with little future, time has been responsible for putting him in his place and in addition to singer and songwriter, he has proven to defend himself very well but in two voices issues such as this example with the theme « For that reason of singing » sung next to « The Hungarian «.

Fearless of anything – Alex Ubago and Amaia Montero

For many people, this duo was the opportunity to meet Alex Ubago, since this song was sung by one of the best Spanish female voices (Amaia Montero), came to play on all stations in Spain for many months and It has become one of the best duets of our music.

Hanging in your hands – Carlos Baute and Marta Sánchez

This musical theme by Venezuelan singer Carlos Baute and the great Marta Sánchez was a total and absolute success, although there are rumors that it became a reason for enmity between the two for economic issues.

It can be – Dani Martín and Amaia Montero

We repeat Amaia Montero, but we could not leave out of this list of duos who played along with Dani Martín (who was a singer of El Canto del Loco).

Who? – Pablo Alborán & Alejandro Sanz

This duo between the two men is great. We are talking about 2 Spanish geniuses (specifically Andalusians). A reference for the past, present, and future, as is the case of the great Sevillian singer-songwriter Alejandro Sanz and who many think is his successor ( Pablo Alboranz).

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