The 15 best websites where you can find song lyrics with chords

Music would not be as we know it without the existence of chords. There are endless combinations of musical notes that bring that little magic point to the songs. The stringed instruments and some percussion and xylophone generate themselves; others, on the other hand, need more around them to form a chord.

We can also turn to the voice that, combined with instruments, can lead to real wonders for the ear. Do you play the guitar or piano? Are you part of a band? Do you like to compose? Do you want to interpret a specific part of a song?

Selection of websites where you have chords and song lyrics

Cipher Club

Cobra Club is in Spanish and also has a clean design to find chords with ease. Rock, gospel, sertanejo, MPB, pop, axé, alternative, funk, and samba are the styles you will find on this website. It also includes the possibility of downloading your app so you can live your passion for music even more.


“Letrasyacordes” ideal Spanish chord finder for acoustic and electric guitar. In addition to classics and musical hits, you can find other possibilities like songs and praises. offers you a multitude of resources to help you in your learning: guitar courses, a glossary of chords, rhythm glossary, and tuner.

Lyrics and chords is a simple search engine where you can mainly find chords of songs in Spanish. Some of the most viewed artists here are Jesús Adrian Romero, Marco Barrientos, Maná, Ricardo Arjona or Danilo Montero. You will also find chords from movie soundtracks, series and television shows, religious songs, carols or rondalla songs.


Chordify is a website in Spanish to find chords easily and quickly, but requires subscription. If you do not want to spend time creating a profile, you can also access with your Facebook account. You have at your disposal a blog to keep up to date on music news and the possibility to download your app to always keep the chords with you.

Guitar songs

Guitar Songs is an ideal English website for guitar students . Its intention is to encourage students to be persistent thanks to access to versions of songs and chords of songs from popular artists, especially pop / alternative rock like The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Killers or Artic Monkeys , but you can also find songs of soul or jazz artists like Norah Jones.

Metal head

In Metal-Head you will find chords for both guitar and piano , although it also includes a section dedicated to the Ukulele. You can show off at Christmas with songs of these dates and also practice with classic songs like Let it be by The Beatles or Someone Like You by Adele. It is also an English language page.


Azchords is an ideal website in English to find chords for guitar, drums and ukulele. It has a section of the latest music that has reached the web. Here you will find mostly pop and alternative rock songs from bands like Cranberries, U2 or Coldplay. Are you looking for a specific group? Here it is easy to find thanks to its practical search engine in alphabetical order.

Guitar party

Guitar Party is a website in English but with a very intuitive and accessible design. In addition to chords you have at your disposal song lyrics , guitar lessons and a blog to be up to date in musical interpretation. Do you like classics? This is your page! You will find artists as popular as Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra or ABBA.

Uber Chord

Uber Chord has a very friendly design and chord finder very easy to use. Also, if you are learning to play the guitar, listen to the songs you play! It offers you real-time feedback with comments about your accuracy and synchronization. It adapts to your skill level and generates statistics of your personal progress. His technique is fun and incredibly effective!

Guitare Tab

Guitare Tab is ideal for guitar enthusiasts who don’t want to ride around. This website is itself a chord finder. In it you will find many songs of varied styles. In their ranking of valuations, the ones that have had the most acceptance are Lives de Scars On Broadway, Better Boat, by Kenny Chesney and Honey Pie by The Beatles.


E-chords is a website in English where you will find many ideal songs to play with guitar. It has a very simple design with easy access to classes in the form of practical videos so you don’t resist a single chord . If you play the ukulele, the harmonica or percussion instruments you will also find themes that will come as a ring to your finger.

Drew Noakes

Drew Noakes belongs to a great guitar fan who has made a lot of songs available for string lovers to find chords. Here you will find many Ween songs , but also some of Pixies, Franck Back, Porn for Pyros, Crowded House, David Bowie or Faith No More, among other artists.

Chord World

Mundo Chord is another website to get straight to the point if you want to find a chord to play with the guitar at the moment. It is in Spanish and is basically a very intuitive chord finderwhere you will find songs from dozens of popular artists (also Spanish): Andrés Calamaro, Bon Jovi, El Barrio, Dani Martín, Melendi, Vetusta Morla among many others.


Coveralia is a website in Spanish where you can find chords of popular songs varied. It also includes information on discs and covers. It has a section dedicated to song lyrics and you can also have them translated. Here the music is infinite! You can watch video clips, photos and a lot of related news.

Ultimate Guitar

Ultimate Guitar is a fairly intuitive chord finder . It is in English and you can search for songs by genre , decade or type of instrument. It has songs especially ideal for guitar, bass and ukulele . It also includes videos to help you in your progress. Are you looking for current music? The majority of the subjects of this website corresponds to the last years , since 2000. And what is more abundant rock , metal and folk, but you can also find folk songs, pop, country and electronic music. But you will also find songs from artists as legendary as Elvis Presley, Oasis, Marron 5 or Bruno Mars.

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