Double neck guitar

Although in 1963 the Rickenbacker company credited itself with the manufacture of the first 12-string electric guitar, it was Gibson who manufactured this model for many years.

This guitar, although it is not the most practical or popular, marked an icon within the music industry, but it was stopped manufacturing in the 1980s, later making a triumphant return in the 90s, adopting all features with which he is known today. Although today it is not a guitar that is manufactured regularly, it is still available, only in the Gibson Custom Shop.

Double neck guitar players

The double-neck guitar is only available in winter white and cherry red colors. One of the first users of the double-neck guitar was the famous guitarist of The Who, Pete Townshend, but who took charge of popularizing it was the guitarist of Led Zeppelin.

Jimmy Page used to use this guitar a lot in the moments when he presented the hit song Stairway To Heaven live, but he also used it in songs like The Rain Song, The Song Remains the Same and Gallows Pole.

However, this guitar was never used by Jimmy Page for the recordings within the studio beyond for the song Carouselambra. In the studio, Jimmy Page instead of using the double-neck guitar used to use his Les Paul of the year 59 or his legendary Telecaster.

At the time of presenting the song Stairway Tp Heaven, Jimmy Page was beginning to play it on his 6-string mast and later move on to the 12-string mast until he reached the point of the solo and returned to his 6-string mast, which although it does not work Being so impressive, it is much more comfortable when making the different types of blessings, slides and various styles that were characterized in every single page.

However, many people will mostly remember Slash repopularizing the double-neck guitar with his renowned version of Knocking On Heaven’s Door of the band Guns’ N Roses.

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