Best Iron Maiden Ballads

For their quite lively songs, but also has an excellent repertoire of ballads that are worth highlighting, especially for those who do not know the band deeply and want to Know maybe one aspect that you have not discovered to date.

Review of the ballads of Iron Maiden

One of the ballads that stands out the most within the repertoire of songs by Iron Maiden is, without a doubt, Remember Tomorrow. This song is the second track of this band’s namesake album.

This song is quite recognized at the level of metal music since, in addition to being originally played by Iron Maiden, the song was versioned by Metallica in the album Maiden Heaven, which was published by the British magazine “Kerrang!”.

It is said that this song represents a lot for the metal band, becoming the inspiration for songs such as Fade To Black or Welcome Home.

In the same way, we find a song from the second album of Iron Maiden, Killers, called Prodigal Son, which undoubtedly deserves a place in any list that is made mentioning the best ballads of Iron Maiden.

Power ballad

We should also mention Wasting Love. This song was the first “power ballad” of Iron Maiden that received a simple treatment. The song Wasting Love was composed by singer Bruce Dickinson and guitarist Janick Gers and mainly deals with the lonely aspect that involves a sexual relationship outside a romantic or loving context. The cover of the single is a capture of his promotional video that shows a man who tattoos women’s names all over his body.

Wasting love

How are you, friends

On the other hand, we find the renowned ballad called Como Estais Amigos, which was written in Argentina and dedicated especially to all those killed during the terrible war that involved the South American country with England for the possession of the disputed Falkland Islands.

Blood brothers

We can’t put aside Blood Brothers, a song written after the death of bassist Steve Harris’s father. The theme touches all aspects of life and what could exist beyond it. At the time of the launch, the stump was especially dedicated to all those victims of disasters or civil wars, in addition to the late metal legend Ronnie James Dio.

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